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Pomegranate Jewelry Set with Flower

Pomegranate Jewelry Set with Flower

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This beautiful set will make a meaningful and eye-catching addition to any outfit. Each pendant is molded to resemble a pomegranate with a flower design on the right half. The pendants are made of red Swarovski crystals. This amazing set will make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

Made in Israel.

Additional Information

  • Earring
  • Length: 1 5/8" from top of ear wire 
  • Diameter: 5/8"
  • Necklace
  • Pendant size: 1 1/8" including bale
  • Chain Length:

The pomegranate has long been a popular motif in art and jewelry. As one of the seven Biblical species native to the Land of Israel, it symbolizes fruitfulness and bounty. According to Jewish tradition, the pomegranate also represents righteousness, since its numerous seeds hint to the 613 mitzvot/commandments of the Torah.

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