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Pomegranate Hand-Painted Yemenite Shofar

Pomegranate Hand-Painted Yemenite Shofar

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This unique Yemenite Shofar is a beautiful piece of art. Crafted by renowned artist Sarit Romano in Israel, it is hand-painted with a pomegranate motif in vibrant enamel colors and finished with a protective lacquer for lasting beauty. 

The shofar is made from kosher Kudu horn and measures 41.5 inches in length and has been tested for sound quality.  You can be assured that this shofar is not just a work of art, but also produces a resonating sound that will fill the room. Each shofar is signed by Sarit Romano.

Make a joyful sound unto the Lord for all He has created with this stunning piece.

Length: 41.5 inches

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Additional Information

  • Size: 41.5″
  • Signed by Sarit Romano. 
  • #1 of 100
  • Tested for sound quality. 
  • Kosher Kudu horn.
  • Made in Israel.
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