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Galilee of the Nations

Paul Wilbur: Lion of Judah

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13 songs performed by Messianic artist Paul Wilbur in English.  

LION OF JUDAH represents the last in a trilogy of live recordings from Jerusalem which take their lives from the three pilgrim feasts of the Lord as described in Leviticus 23. Based on the Feast of Pentecost, it is a powerful celebration of the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai and the giving of the Spirit to the believers in Jerusalem.

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13 songs by Paul Wilbur

1. Intro
2. Prepare The Way
3. Come Let's Go Up To The Mountain
4. Yahweh Intro
5. Yahweh
6. To Him Who Sits Upon The Throne
7. Arise O Lord
8. Sing Of Your Great Love
9. Show Me Your Face
10. In Your Presence O God
11. Dance With Me
12. Even So
13. You're The Lion Of Judah