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Passover White Marble Melamine Seder Plate

Passover White Marble Melamine Seder Plate

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This Seder plate will make cleanup a breeze!   What could be more fitting for your Pesach table than this amazing white marble melamine Passover plate with six bowls adorned with the ritual foods placed inside them for the Seder meal?   The center of the plate has Passover both in English and in Hebrew and the recessed compartments are labeled in Hebrew and English with an imprint of the Seder items. This unusual white marble plate is the perfect addition to your table or a wonderful Passover gift for a friend! 

A great Seder plate for family and community Seders!

Diameter:   13.78"/35 cm

Additional Information

Passover White Marble Design Seder Plate

Material: Melamine

Diameter:    13.78"/35 cm

Imported from Israel


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