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Passover Starter Set 2

Passover Starter Set 2

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Experience the deep significance of Passover, which offers the clearest picture of God's redemption plan through Jesus the Messiah. Whether you're new to the feast or seeking a convenient option, our Passover Starter Set is perfect for you. It includes a wonderfully informative book, "Celebrate the Lamb," along with a Seder plate, Haggadah, The Easy Way Out Passover Cookbook, and a candle. With all the main pieces for a beautiful Passover celebration, this set makes it easy to get started in this meaningful celebration.

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Set Includes:

  • Celebrate the Lamb (PB084.1): Of all the feasts, Passover provides the clearest picture of God's plan of redemption through Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah. This book offers seasonal, national, spiritual, redemptive, and Kingdom perspectives on the holiday and new ideas for how and why we celebrate Yeshua, our Passover lamb.

    Celebrate the Lamb looks at Passover from five perspectives. Each of these perspectives is important (especially the last four) if we are to be in balance. The bottom line is it's not the HOW we celebrate but the WHO we celebrate!

  • The Master's Table (PB162): A Passover Encounter for Christians: The Master’s Table is the perfect resource for Christians who want to go deeper in discipleship and learn about Jesus in his Jewish context. This Haggadah takes participants through each step of the traditional Passover meal. Each page draws connections between the inspiring story of the exodus from Egypt and the dramatic events on the night Jesus was betrayed. This booklet is useful whether one is celebrating Passover at home with family or as part of a large demonstration.
  • Passover Melamine Seder Plate - Ivory Blue (HF326): Featuring a unique blue ornamental design, this seder plate will surely be the center of attraction. The beautiful plate will fit all types of tables. The plate has an ancient stylish look and is made of melamine. It is made to clean up in a breeze!
  • The Easy Way Out Passover Cookbook (PB353): Passover is coming--don't panic! Believe it or not, you may even enjoy this crazy week. I like to stay home specifically because of the delicious, special, and unique dishes. After the house is crispy clean, the peculiar Passover paraphernalia in place, the shopping is done, and the fun begins. Matzo Brei with strawberry jam and matzo pizza are basics. This cookbook is filled with delicious dishes.
  • Olive Wood Grafted-In Tea Light Candle Holder (OW157): Grafted-In Olive Wood Candle Holder tealight candle holder engraved with the Grafted In symbol. Made of Holy Land Olive Wood.
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