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Passover Starter Set

Passover Starter Set

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Discover the beauty and significance of a Passover Seder with our Starter Set, perfect for those new to the celebration or seeking a convenient option. Included are essentials like a Haggadah, preparation guide, Seder plate, wine cup, and your choice of matzah cover.  As you engage in this celebration, you will see how Passover foreshadows the Messiah. Dive into the rich traditions and create lasting memories with this incredible set.

Additional Information

1. The Master's Table booklet (PB162) - Your guide to exploring the depths of Passover in biblical context.

2. Messianic Passover Seder Preparation Guide (PB228.1) - A valuable resource for hosting a memorable Seder meal.

3. Glass Passover Seder Plate - Blue (HF332.2) - Intricately designed with Hebrew inscriptions for Maror (מָרוֹר‎) - Bitter Herbs, z'roa (זרוֹע) - lamb shank bone, charoset (חֲרֽוֹסֶת)  pronounced har-o-set, horseradish (חזרת), beitzah (egg) (ביצה), karpas (parsley) (כַּרְפַּס), set against a backdrop of serene blue.

4. Stainless Steel Engraved Kiddush Cup with Rounded Saucer (HF294) - Elevate your Kiddush ceremony with this stylish cup.

With your choice of:


Passover Matzah Cover (HF350) - Centered with silver-thread embroidery featuring Hebrew words for מַצָּה (Matzah)- the unleavened bread, פסח (Pesach) - the Hebrew word for Passover, and מריר (Maror) - the bitter herbs, surrounded by a beautiful display of a wine flask, four cups, matzah, and a wheat shaft. Satiny material adds an extra touch of elegance to your Passover table.



Brockett Passover Cover (HF349) - Framed with beautifully embroidered wheat, surrounding three Matzahs and four glasses with Hebrew words for פסח -Pesach (Passover),  מַצָּה Matzah, and מריר Maror (Bitter Herb) all encompassed with twisted piping around the edge.

Celebrate Passover with reverence and celebration with our Passover Starter Package – a collection that goes beyond the ordinary, creating a memorable and spiritually enriching experience for you and your loved ones.

All featured items in this package are available for individual purchase by clicking on the link for each item.

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