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Passover Melamine Seder Plate - Brown

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Sturdy and practical this Passover plate is fashionably decorated in shades of brown on a beige background displaying indentations for the symbolic foods with the corresponding name in Hebrew inside. Around the plate, there are words that relate to Passover scattered charmingly around in various-sized fonts.

Maror (מָרוֹר‎) - Bitter Herbs, z'roa (זרוֹע) - lamb shank bone, charoset (חֲרֽוֹסֶת)  pronounced har-o-set, horseradish (חזרת), beitzah (egg) (ביצה), karpas (parsley) (כַּרְפַּס)

Diameter: 13.78"/35cm

Additional Info

Maror (מָרוֹר‎) - Bitter Herbs

z'roa (זרוֹע) - lamb shank bone

charoset (חֲרֽוֹסֶת)  pronounced har-o-set 

horseradish (חזרת)

beitzah (egg) (ביצה)

karpas (parsley) (כַּרְפַּס)

Diameter: 13.78"/35cm

Imported from Israel