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Passover Matzah & Afikomen 2 pc Set

Passover Matzah & Afikomen 2 pc Set

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SKU: HF370

This white satin Passover Matzah Cover and Afikomen Bag set features silver embroidery.  The matzah cover has the traditional 3 sections and the Passover elements מריר- (Maror) Bitter herbs, זרוע (Z'roa) A roasted lamb shank bone, חרוסת (Charoset – pronounced har-o-set) - A sweet, fruit and nut mixture, כרפס-(Karpas) Parsley, ביצה-(Beitzah) a hard-boiled egg, and חרוסת-(Chazeret) Horseradish are all written in Hebrew with the word פסח (Pesach) Passover at the top.  The Afikomen bag (1 pocket) features the word אֲפִיקוֹמָן "AFIKOMEN" in Hebrew.

This is a beautiful set and would make a great addition to your celebration!

Additional Information

  • Diameter of Matzah cover: 51cm/20inch
  • Size of Afikomen bag: 35x25cm/14x10inch
  • Material: satin
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