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Oxana Eliahu - Sh'ma Israel

Oxana Eliahu - Sh'ma Israel

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12 Beautiful and Uplifting Songs

This English-Hebrew album includes the best songs of Oxana. 

The music is uplifting and filled with anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.

Additional Information

The beautiful vocals of various singers make this album a very special and colorful production. 

Oxana's joyful spirit and love for Yeshua (Jesus) are richly expressed in her uplifting words and melodies.  Each song is an inspiring message that will bless, encourage and bring you closer to Adonai.

  1. Sh'ma Israel

  2. There is No Other Savior

  3. On Our Knees

  4. Joy In My Heart

  5. Prayer for Israel

  6. All Works For Good

  7. B'shem Yeshua

  8. Calling You by Your Name

  9. God Is Love

  10. Recipe for Love

  11. All Israel Shall Be Saved

  12. When I Die

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