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Oxana Eliahu: Recipe for Love

Oxana Eliahu: Recipe for Love

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13 orignal songs by Oxana Eliahu, a Jewish Messianic believer living in Israel. A masterful blending of Western and Eastern flavors creates a refreshingly unique sound. 

Songs are in Hebrew.

Additional Information

These are Oxana Eliahu original compositions that apply interesting arrangement and a variety of singers and styles of music. They encompass a full range of human emotions and experiences, from light heartedness to deep spiritual reflections.

This music is definitely a gift from Above, with melodies and lyrics truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and by the Word of God. All of songs are from Him, for Him and about Him. Love is a great power, and moves hearts and changes lives. Our God, Adonai is the God of Love and he Himself is the "Recipe for Love." Below are the song titles:

1. Blessed Are You Adonai
2. Happy Is The Man
3. In The Depth Of My Heart
4. Intensive Care
5. I Am Desperate For You
6. I Choose Yeshua
7. Recipe For Love
8. You Are The One I Praise
9. Peer Into My Heart
10. Who Am I To You
11. Through Grace And Faith
12. Love Your Neighbor
13. The Aaronic Blessing


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