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Osnat Backpack/Shoulder Bag - Forest Tribal 2

Osnat Backpack/Shoulder Bag - Forest Tribal 2

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A playful, stylish, durable backpack fitting for the everyday go-getter.

The reminiscent Aztec pattern of muted blues, greens, purples, yellows, and oranges. This bag features alternating horizontal line patterns with flowing wave and triangle repetition designs.

The main pocket opens easily to allow for quick access but also features a velcro closure for secured storage. The smaller front pocket (7.5"x8") expands 2" plus and has a velcro flap closure adorned with a red, black, and orange tassel. The well-sewn black adjustable back straps allow for a perfect fit. This bag comes with a black gear loop for carrying additional items.

This handcrafted bag will add style and flare to any attire, trip, or special occasion gift.

Additional Information

Eye catching statement piece!

Great size bag for everyday use. 14"x12"x4" (HxLxW)

Structure: Lovingly handwoven by Anter Textiles. Durable forest green bag features a main pocket with a sturdy velcro closure. The smaller front pocket (7.5"x8") has a velcro flap closure with a sweet red, orange and black tassel. Two 29" adjustable black straps allow you to conveniently keep the bag close to you. Additionally, this bag has a black gear loop on top to attach extra gear pieces, damp clothes, souvenirs or hang any extra items you don't want in your bag.

Capacity: This bag easily holds your iPad, kindle, phone, wallet, makeup, small books, small notebooks, camera, passport, etc.

Imported from Israel

Handcrafted in Israel

A must-have for any attire, trip or gift.


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