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Olive Wood Rustic Serving/ Cheese Board - Medium D

Olive Wood Rustic Serving/ Cheese Board - Medium D

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SKU: OW313

This is a stunning, unique, and oh-so rustic artisan cheese/serving/chopping/cutting board that has been handcrafted from 100% olive wood.  Eye-catching with its breathtaking wood grain patterning, this board is unique. It is made from one piece of an olive tree.  This particular board is rustic with accents of bark and natural organic edges. 

This piece will add a distinctive touch when entertaining or simply enjoying a special night at home.

Length: Approx 15 1/2" x  9" at widest area
Imported from Israel

Additional Information

Olive Wood Rustic Serving/ Cheese Board - Medium 

  •  Handcrafted from an aged olive wood tree, responsibly sourced
  • Features organic lines and breathtaking wood grain design
  • Olive wood naturally darkens with use, adding to its beauty
  • Care: wipe clean with soap and water after use; after cleaning treat with a small amount of olive oil

*This is a one-of-a-kind item, impossible to reproduce exactly as it is.   The appearance of cracks in the wood is a natural occurrence of natural olive wood. 

Size: Approx Length 15 1/2" x  Approx 9" at widest area x 3/4 thick

Hand Crafted in Israel

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