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Olive Wood Pepper Mill

Olive Wood Pepper Mill

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This stunning Olive Wood Pepper Mill is handcrafted by skilled Christian artisans from Bethlehem, in the Holy Land. Made from genuine olive wood, this exquisite pepper mill is not only a functional kitchen tool but also a piece of art that will elevate the aesthetic of any dining table.

Measuring 6 inches, this pepper mill is the perfect size to display on your kitchen counter or dining table. The natural grain patterns of the olive wood give it a unique and rustic appearance that will add character to any space.

The Olive Wood Pepper Mill is designed for effortless grinding, with a durable mechanism that ensures a consistent grind with every use. This pepper mill is not only a practical kitchen tool but also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that you'll be proud to display in your home.

Made in Israel.

Additional Information

  • Size: 6″ / 15 cm.
  • Genuine olive wood.
  • Certificate of authenticity.

It is important to note that no olive tree is cut down or trimmed for the purpose of producing olive wood pieces. All olive wood pieces are hand carved from the trimmings (pruning) of the olive trees, which is essential to the health and growth of the trees.

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