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Olive Wood Inlay Mezuzah

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Olive Wood Inlay

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Wood Inlay Shin Mezuzah

This wood inlay Shin Mezuzah is made in the Holy Land and decorated with the first letter of the word "G-d" in Hebrew - Shin - "ש"  which stands for “Shaddai,” the Hebrew word meaning, “God as our protector.”  The wood inlay consists of small pieces of olive wood individually set to create a beautiful and unique design. No two are alike.

The Mezuzah is a symbol that acknowledges God's sovereignty over the home. Having a mezuzah on your door, touching it and then touching your lips, will remind you to keep the word of God on your lips as you enter and leave your home.

Decorated with olive wood inlay.

Size – 6 ½ inches high by 7/8 inch wide.

*Parchment Sold separately:       Kosher Parchment     or     Non-Kosher Parchment

Imported from Israel

 **Please note: No two olive wood pieces are identical, due to the nature of natural woods there is differences in wood color and grain . Your item may therefore not be exactly as pictured.