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Olive Wood Holyland Soil Keychain

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This olive wood keychain has a special vial inside that is filled with soil from the Holy Land.  Carry a piece of Israel with you everywhere you go.

A great gift for both men and women!

Additional Info

Olive Wood Holyland Soil Keychain

  • Pendant size (Approx): 4 3/4"  (note:  vial does not open).
  • Length with chain(approx) 6.5"
  • Made in Israel

Excellent gift for retreats, church members, holidays, and every day when the moment is right to help or cheer someone.

**Please note:  Each piece of olive wood is a one-of-a-kind item due to the color and grain pattern in natural wood your item may not appear as pictured.  The appearance of small cracks in the wood is a natural occurrence of natural olive wood. 

Imported from Israel