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Olive Wood Domino Set

Olive Wood Domino Set

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Olive Wood Domino Game

Additional Information

Domino Set 

Domino set beautifully crafted in Jerusalem from olive wood.  

A beautiful dominoes game that will offer you many hours of fun and pleasure with your family and friends   This domino set consists of 1 olive wood box with lid and 28 olive wood domino pieces.  Engraved on the lid is Olive Wood Domino from Bethlehem.

This  beautifully designed domino set is a wonderful game for you and your friends and is durable, highly efficient, practical, and most importantly a healthier alternative to other woods, silicon, or plastic products.   

A Domino set makes a great gift for the whole family direct from the Holy land.

Game for all ages.

Made from quality olive wood by a Christian family in the town of Yeshua / Jesus' birth, Bethlehem.

This is a genuine olive wood item that is manufactured in the Holy Land. Each item is unique due to its color and grain pattern.  The appearance of small cracks in the wood is a natural occurrence of natural olive wood. 

Size (Approx.): 7 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 2 1/4" 

Imported from Israel

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