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Olive Wood Coaster Set

Olive Wood Coaster Set

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These unique olive wood coasters will make the perfect addition to any home. Made from high-quality olive wood, each coaster is unique in its natural wood grain and texture, giving your living space a rustic and elegant touch.

These coasters are not only stylish, but they are also highly practical. They are perfect for protecting your furniture from water rings, stains, and scratches. The smooth surface of each coaster ensures that your drink stays securely in place, while the natural wood material absorbs moisture to prevent any spills or drips.

It is important to note that no olive tree is cut down or trimmed for the purpose of producing olive wood pieces. All olive wood pieces are hand carved from the trimmings (pruning) of the olive trees, which is essential to the health and growth of the trees.

Each set includes five coasters and a convenient coaster holder which features a long wooden pole that each coaster easily slips onto for an elegant and compact look when not in use.

Imported from Israel.

Additional Information

  • Olive Wood
  • Set of 5 coasters and 1 coaster stand 
  • Coaster size:  Approx 3 3/8" diameter 

Please Note: No two olive wood pieces are identical.  Due to the nature of natural woods, there are differences in wood color and grain.  Your item may therefore not be exactly as pictured. 

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