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Oil Cups for Menorahs & Chanukiah (9 piece set; Medium Narrow)

Oil Cups for Menorahs & Chanukiah (9 piece set; Medium Narrow)

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If you light your Menorah using olive oil and wicks, these glass cup inserts are a must. They fit comfortably into your Menorah and hold an amount of oil that will allow your wicks to burn for a couple of hours radiating that special Chanukah glow.

Set of 9 Glass Oil Cups

Made in Israel

Additional Information

The package holds nine inserts. We recommend having additional ones handy just in case one of them falls and breaks.

Set of 9 glass oil cups that will not burn nor melt.

Dimensions: 1 7/8" tall x 9/10" diameter.  The base is 1/2 inch in diameter.

OILS FOR USE: olive oil, canola oil, most vegetable oils, fragrance oil and etc, as long as the oil does not contain or is based on Paraffin (no mineral oils).

Tip:  To save oil, half-fill your glass cup with water and then add oil to the top

Menorah, oil and wicks not included

Imported from Israel

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