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Oil Cups for Candlesticks

Oil Cups for Candlesticks

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Use your most cherished candlesticks without the fear of wax dripping on them. These oil cups can be used in most candlesticks and are made from glass so they will not  burn or melt.   

2 Cups and 4 Floating Wicks. Dimension of cup: 1 7/8" tall x 9/10" diameter.  The base is 1/2 inch in diameter.

Additional Information

Light holidays by burning oil as called for in the Bible with no fear of wax dripping on your candlesticks.

Set includes: 2 cups and 4 floating wicks.

Dimensions Cup: 2" tall x 1" diameter.  The base is 1 cm in diameter.

OILS FOR USE: olive oil, canola oil, most vegetable oils, fragrance oil, etc, as long as the oil does not contain or is based on Paraffin (no mineral oils).

PICTURED CANDLESTICKS NOT INCLUDED. (They are used for example purposes)

*Oil is not included.

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