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Numbers (Video) Teachings by Tom Bradford

Numbers (Video) Teachings by Tom Bradford

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Enjoy the in-depth video teachings on the Book of Numbers by Tom Bradford.  These teachings will bring you the latest findings on Bible history and scholarship, and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to Bible Study that includes Bible exegesis, exploring the original languages, Bible history, Jewish history, an understanding of the influence of 2nd Temple Judaism upon New Testament development, modern life application, and more.

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Numbers (MP4) Video Teachings by Tom Bradford

I doubt many Christians have EVER ventured into the Book of Numbers. What a dull-sounding book to our ears. But as you're about to discover the Book of Numbers is one of the most vibrant and informative of all the books in the Bible. Numbers is not actually the Hebrew name for this, the 4th of the 5 books of Torah. Numbers is merely the English translation of the Greek name given to it......Arithmoi.....from which we also get the word arithmetic. And the Greeks gave this name to it because in the early chapters the Lord orders a census taken of the Israelites, and the results are recorded.

You see for us in our day the word "numbers" is associated with accounting and records keeping, budgets, and debt. Numbers are impersonal and cold and in other ways, numbers represent a kind of self-imposed bondage we are forced to deal with like it or not.

But long ago numbers were magical. They were mysterious and portended good things and bad. They were symbolic and thought to be the very key to unlocking the mind and will of the gods. Numbers were desired, exciting and thoroughly studied and discussed. Numbers were awesome, welcome, and at times fearsome. Numbers were intensely important to the Hebrew people as well, right on through Jesus' era and into today.

36 (MP4) video teachings plus a bonus file with all the illustrations and graphics for each lesson so you can follow along with the teaching.  

Use for independent study or group study.

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