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Nickel Plated - Jerusalem Havdalah Set

Nickel Plated - Jerusalem Havdalah Set

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The beautiful ceremony marking the end of the Sabbath can be made more meaningful still with this gorgeous nickel-plated Havdalah set adorned throughout with a stunning Jerusalem decorative motif. An elegant nickel-plated kiddush cup, candle holder, and spice tower on a nickel platter.  Engraved around the platter is the signature of the final Havdalah blessing: HaMavdil Bein Kodesh u'Chol. ("Who separates between the holy and the profane.") Simply wonderful!

The cup comes with an easily washed-plastic insert.

All items are decorated with a Jerusalem design.

Candle Holder, Spice Tower, Kiddush Cup, and Tray. 


Additional Information

Nickel-Plated Jerusalem Havdalah Set

Plate - Diameter 9 Inches / 23 cm
Spice Tower - 9.5 Inches / 24 cm 
Kiddush Cup - 4.25 Inches / 10.8 cm
Candle Holder - 6.75 Inches / 17.5 cm 
Just as the Shabbat is ushered in with a ceremony, so too, do we bid goodbye to the Shabbat in a short service called Havdalah (to separate or divide). This service separates Shabbat from the rest of the ordinary weekdays.

After nightfall, traditionally when three stars can be seen in the sky, the service commences using a wine goblet, a braided candle, and a spice box filled with fragrant spices.

Imported from Israel

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