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Love Israel

"Ministry of the Spirit" Teachings; R. Baruch, PhD (Flash Drive)

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Enjoy the teachings of R. Baruch's ninth "Annual" Conference in this MP3 audio  & MP4 video set on a flash drive.

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"Ministry of the Spirit" Teachings from Love Israel's 9th Annual Conference 2018

  • Message 1:  The Things Which G-d Has Prepared For You
  • Message 2:  The Intercession of the Spirit
  • Message 3:  The Spirit: A Minister of Death
  • Message 4:  Not of the Letter, but of the Spirit
  • Message 5:  A Special Prophetic Presentation from Daniel Ch 11 Part 1
  • Message 6:  A Special Prophetic Presentation from Daniel Ch 11 Part 2
  • Message 7:  The Spirit Restrains
  • Message 9:  The Times of Refreshing
  • We hope you will enjoy these teachings! 

    Baruch Korman, Ph.D. strives to present the Word of G-d with an emphasis on the Jewish context of Scripture. To find more of Baruch Korman's teachings and learn more about Love Israel, visit

    MP3 Audio Format

    MP4 Video Format

    All files are on a flash drive.