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Makura Organic Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

Makura Organic Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

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This particular olive oil is made from a variety of olives from Southern Italy.  The olives are organically grown at Makura Farm in the Carmel Mountains in Israel.  The farm specializes in organic farming using techniques that rely on compost as a substitute for chemical fertilizers and biological pest control methods, deploying insects that are effective against pests.  Makura Farms manages the entire olive oil production process, all the way from the tree to the press.

Coratina olive oil has a dominant aroma coupled with low acidity. Its balanced suite of flavors is smooth and bold.

Exp: 03/01/2026

Imported from Israel

Additional Information

Makura Organic Coratina Extra Olive Oil

Coratina extra virgin olive oil is delicious in bruschetta with toasted bread, a rubbing of raw garlic, and a sprinkle of salt. Try it over bitter lettuce (radicchio, arugula, chicory) and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, or by itself on gazpacho.

Coratina is perfect as a finishing oil for grilled or roasted meats, fish, and poultry, in an herb marinade, or as a dressing for grilled vegetables.

Organic is more than a label to Makura Farms, it is quality and conviction for the use of natures resources.

500 ml/ 16.9 oz

All olive oil from Makura Farm, owned and operated by Guy and Orna Rilov in Zichron Yaakov, Israel. 

USDA Organic. Kosher Supervision by the Rabbinate of Hof Hacarmel 


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