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Magnifying Bookmark Sheet

Magnifying Bookmark Sheet

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Keep a Bookmark Magnifying Sheet in your Bible to enlarge the print and make it easier to read God's Word. 

The thin and flexible magnifying sheet can enlarge print up to 150 %, just hold it about 4 inches from the image you want to magnify.

Leaving this thin Pocket Bookmark Magnifying Sheet in your Bible or a favorite book will not damage the spine or pages because it is ultra-thin and flexible and very convenient. Use it to inspect small print on a contract, medicine leaflet, or map. 

Add a Pocket Bookmark Magnifying Sheet to a gift bag for an older friend recovering from illness, add one to a stocking stuffer or slip it into an outreach Bible for an older person. 

Additional Information

Magnifying Bookmark Sheet 

  • Magnifying Sheet 
  • Handy Bookmark Size 
  • Flexible and Thin 
  • Magnifies up to 150 % 
  • Doubles as Bookmark 
  • Size: 7.25" x 2.5" x 0.01" (185 x 65 x 2mm)
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