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Little House in the Suburbs

Little House in the Suburbs

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Gardens, goats and chickens in the suburbs? Absolutely!

The easy-to-follow advice in this book will show you everything you need to know to enjoy an abundant, independent life on food and products grown in your own back yard. You may feel like you have superpowers the first time you prepare a meal using only ingredients you grew in your garden. And is there anything you can't do after you lather up with a bar of soap that you made in your own home? This book is full of recipes and tips that will help you discover the joy of self-sufficiency. Don't worry; suburban gardening doesn't mean you have to rip up your yard, or risk being ostracized by neighbors or your municipality or homeowners association.

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Inside you'll find:

   • Gardening instructions for any-size yard and any skill level
   • A complete overview of keeping chickens, mini-goats and bees in the suburbs
   • More than 40 food recipes featuring ingredients from your garden or animals
   • Canning techniques
   • Recipes for natural deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm and other beauty products
   • Step-by-step soapmaking instructions and soap recipes
   • Natural cleaning recipes for kitchens, bathrooms, surfaces and laundry
   • Gift basket ideas
   • Community-building ideas including babysitting co-ops, meal swaps, and barter systems
   • Advice on how to keep the peace with family, neighbors, and officials if your self-sufficient plans meet resistance

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