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Lion of Judah Olive Wood Mezuzah - ( 3 Tones)

Lion of Judah Olive Wood Mezuzah - ( 3 Tones)

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The "Lion of Judah" has been a popular symbol of the tribe of Judah, of King David, his descendant, and of the Messiah, whom it is said shall come from the House of David. This symbol has come to represent strength, courage, justice, spiritual fortitude, and wisdom. The "Lion of Judah" had adorned both Solomon's throne and the Holy Temple. In Genesis, the patriarch Jacob refers to his son Judah as a "Young Lion" (Genesis 49:9) when blessing him - The lion representing power and might. Today you can find the Lion on the Jerusalem Seal along with olive leaves, symbolizing peace and the Wailing Wall.

Tones Available: Brass, Blue, and Silver

Additional Information

Size: 4 inches / 10 cm high by 7/8 inch wide.

*Parchment Sold Separately:      Kosher Parchment     or     Non-Kosher Parchment

Imported from Israel

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