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Life in the Time of Jesus

Life in the Time of Jesus

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A tiny 2,000 years old stone tells a story about the way of life in the time of Jesus in the Holy Land. How people dressed; how they shopped; what a kitchen looked like and which dishes were cooked; what had been their common occupations? The stone, which had dropped off a Roman mosaic, answers many questions a contemporary child might ask. The story is sprinkled with references from the scriptures and is accompanied by captivating illustrations by the artist Elias Akleah, who grew up and resides in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus in Galilee.

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Life in the Times of Jesus

For example, the illustration of the sandals on the page describing fashion in those days is based on women's sandals, 2,000 years old, which were found at Masada; the illustration of the basalt house is based on finding in the ancient village Capernaum.  

25 pages


Imported from Israel

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