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Kosher Wool Tzitzit Strings

Kosher Wool Tzitzit Strings

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Do you know how to tie your own tzitzit? This is a package of machine-made wool tzitzit threads. The bundle contains 16 threads of which four are longer. You can do the knotting and tying with joy!

Each string comprises two threads twisted together that have been spun together specifically for the purpose of tzitzit.
It is important to be familiar with the knotting and tying technique before doing it alone.

Additional Information

  • Machine-spun kosher tzitzit string
  • Length of 4 leading strings: 112cm / 44.1" , Length of 12 strings: 88cm / 34.6"
  • Includes enough loose string to tie all 4 corners, prior knowledge in tying is necessary
  • Made in Israel, comes with Kashrut certification on tag.
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