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King David's Door Harp (Chestnut)

King David's Door Harp (Chestnut)

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The King David's door harp is made from laminated poplar and is stained and fine-finished to bring out the wood grains. Since each door harp is individually handcrafted, no two are exactly alike.

The door harp consists of a hollow, wooden sound box with metal strings tuned to a chord. It is attached to the inside of the front door, and when the door is opened or closed, the wooden balls bounce on the strings, creating a gentle, harmonious sound.  The door harp's welcoming chimes will fill your home.

Made in Israel

Additional Information

King David's Door Harp

The design of this door harp is based on the Biblical "Kinnor David" as it was depicted on an Israeli coin that was taken out of circulation many years ago.

  • Color shade Chestnut
  • Hand Made in Israel
  • Signed by the artist.
  • DIMENSIONS: Height = 11.5" x Width = 7.5" x Depth = 7/8"

Handcrafted and imported from Israel

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