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Ketubah Papercut Artwork

Ketubah Papercut Artwork

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Display your love and vow of devotion to your spouse with this lovely Ketubah papercut. The papercut features the Messianic Ketubah in Hebrew and English in beautiful black script.

The Ketubah is surrounded by elegant black detailing and the bible verse Solomon 6:3 in gold lettering. The surrounding papercut detailing displays birds, pomegranates, and branches all around the Ketubah. Its elegant gold color and matt finish give the art a refined and sophisticated look.

Best of all, the backdrop is interchangeable and ready to be framed, allowing you to make the art your own. Match the backdrop to your kitchen, dining room, or entryway color!

Made in Israel.

Additional Information

  • Papercut Dimensions: 11.75"x 16 1/2"

Grace Alon is an Israeli artist who enjoys creating traditional papercuts based on Hebrew scripture. Her pieces incorporate both Hebrew and English into the art, as well as Israeli motifs such as pomegranates and palm trees.

When her hand-cut pieces began to grow in popularity, Grace began using laser cutting to meet her client's needs. Grace continues to hand design the artwork but now partners with a local family business to produce the laser cuts. Grace often gives employment to women in need by allowing these women to assemble her papercuts. By doing so, Grace provides both income and a calming activity to mothers who are unable to work. Grace furthers her outreach to the community of Israel by sourcing all materials used in her art directly from the country of Israel.

Writing is in both Hebrew and English.

Traditionally, before the wedding, the officiating individual fills in the blanks and supervises the signing of the document by the witnesses. Once the groom places the ring on the bride's finger, the Ketubah is read aloud. After the ketubah is read, it is handed to the groom who gives it to the bride. The ketubah is then put in a safe place for the duration of the wedding.

The Ketubah is a binding document that details the husband's obligations to his wife, showing that marriage is more than a physical-spiritual union; it is a legal and moral commitment. The Ketubah states the principal obligations of the groom to provide for his wife and for his wife to provide for him and that all is done to honor their Messiah, Yeshua.

The ketubah document is reminiscent of the wedding between G‑d and Israel; In the Torah, G‑d, the groom, undertakes to provide for all the physical and spiritual needs of His beloved bride.

The Ketubah reads:

This Ketubah witnesses before God and all those present that the holy covenant of marriage was entered into between the bridegroom and his bride. As Yeshua, the Messiah loved us and gave himself for us, so the bridegroom vowed to love the bride all the days of his life. and the bride vowed to love and honor the bridegroom in faithfulness. what God has joined together let no man separate. Date____

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