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Keren Silver: Show me Your Glory

Keren Silver: Show me Your Glory

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12 Modern Praise & Worship songs from the land of Israel, all originally written and composed in Hebrew.  Insert contains words of songs in both Hebrew & English. 

Performed by renowned artist Keren Silver


Keren Silver is an Israeli-born, Messianic singer-songwriter with a deep passion for worship. From a young age she has been composing worship songs and leading worship among the local body of believers in Israel, and in the past few years has been doing so also around the globe, including the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Her songs have been recorded on numerous albums and the worship songs that she has written are sung all over the world in dozens of different languages.



Additional Information

Modern Praise & Worship music from the land of Israel, all originally written and composed in Hebrew. Artist Keren Silver.

Show Me Your Glory" is Keren's first worship album that has been produced after many years of anticipation on her part. The album's title reflects her heart's desire in worship and in her life in general - to see the glory of the Lord and to really know Him, not only about Him. Just as Moses spoke directly to God, asked and was granted to see His glory, now we also, through Yeshua our Messiah, have direct access to the throne of God, into His presence, to see Him face to face.

 Keren's prayer is that this album will bless you, draw you closer to our God and Savior, and that through it you might come to know Him more.

1. Noladeti Lehalel Otcha (I Was Born to Worship You)
2. Toda Lecha (Thank You)
3. Chai Adonai (Adonai Lives)
4. Mi Kamocha Adonai (Who Is Like You, Adonai)
5. Elohei Yishei (God of My Salvation)
6. Hareni Na Et Kvodcha (Show Me Your Glory)
7. Ata Ta’ase (You Shall Bring It to Pass)
8. Rapeh Et Artzecha (Heal Your Land)
9. Raui Ata Yeshua (You Are Worthy, Yeshua)
10. Abir Yisrael (Mighty Warrior of Israel)
11. Adonai Adoneinu (O Lord, Our Lord)
12. Kadosh Ata (You Are Holy)

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