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Galilee of the Nations

Karen Davis: Sar Shalom

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12 songs plus an overture, offering strength, comfort, hope, and victory in Sar Shalom--The Prince of Peace, is sung in both Hebrew and English by Worship Leader Karen Davis.

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I believe that “Sar Shalom” carries the heart of God for His ancient people Israel and for the cry of His creation in every nation to know the peace and comfort of His salvation in Messiah Yeshua. My hope is that He will use it to unite the hearts of believers everywhere, both Jews and Gentiles, to answer this call to stand before His throne in worship and intercession, that together we might see His purposes fulfilled throughout the earth. - Karen Davis

1. Overture (Hear Our Cry)
2. All of Creation Sings
3. Ana Adonai (O Lord, Save Us)
4. Esa Einai (I Will Lift My Eyes)
5. I Will Lift My Eyes
6. Lord of Breakthroughs
7. El Gibor V'el Elyon (Mighty God, Most High)
8. Kuma Adonai (Arise, O Lord)
9. I Will Answer
10. Achat Sha'Alti (One Thing Have I Desired)
11. Ahalel (I Will Praise)
12. Baruch Haba Yeshua (Blessed is He Who Comes)
13. From Everlasting to Everlasting