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Joshua, Judges & Ruth Teachings Bundle (Audio-SD Card); by Tom Bradford

Joshua, Judges & Ruth Teachings Bundle (Audio-SD Card); by Tom Bradford

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Do you want more in your journey with God? Are you a serious follower of Messiah and a true Bible student? Do you want to graduate from milk to meat? Are you ready to know more about your faith; the deeper mysteries and truths that lay just under the surface? 

Learn through these teachings on Joshua, Judges and Ruth.  They will bring you the latest findings on Bible history and scholarship, and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to Bible Study that includes Bible exegesis, exploring the original languages, Bible history, Jewish history, an understanding of the influence of 2nd Temple Judaism upon New Testament development, modern life application, and more.

62 (MP3) Audio Teachings ~ SD Card

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Joshua, Judges & Ruth Teachings Bundle (Audio)- by Tom Bradford

  • Joshua - 27 Lessons
  • Judges - 27 Lessons
  • Ruth - 8 Lessons
  • Bonus - all illustrations and graphics used in each lesson.
  • SD Card

    MP3 Audio

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