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Galilee of the Nations

Jordan Elias: Desert Cry

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14 Wonderful Praise Songs

The title of the album, "Desert Cry", is derived from a pattern found again and again throughout the scriptures.  It is the 'cry of the prophets', spanning from Moses, Elijah and Elisha, all the way down the line to John the Baptist and Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah himself.  These men, called of God, drew away into the desert or wilderness and there, God gave them each the same message for their own generations: "Repent and return to the Lord".  That's what this album is all about.  It is that same message being declared to this generation; a call to "Return to the Lord". ~Jordan Elias

Additional Info

Jordan Elias brings a fresh voice to modern messianic music, using his unique vocal styles and lyrical poetry to proclaim a timeless message. Desert Cry features fourteen captivating originals songs.

  1. Hear O Israel

  2. Desert Cry

  3. Do You Want the Fire?

  4. Springtime

  5. Emily

  6. Down Down

  7. Little Lydia

  8. Tickle My Ears Gospel

  9. Scarlet

  10. Rain Down

  11. Save Me

  12. For the First Time

  13. Psalm 91

  14. Vessels of Mercy