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Jonathan Settel: Songs of Israel

Jonathan Settel: Songs of Israel

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14 amazing songs performed by Jonathan Settel in both English & Hebrew
A must have for your music library!.

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Songs of Israel by Jonathan Settel in Hebrew & English

1. The Sh'ma (Hear O Israel)
2. Shalom Aleichem (Peace be Unto You)
3. Tfila (Prayer)
4. Od Yishama / Sisu et Yerushalayim (A Song Shall Be Heard / Rejoice O Jerusalem)
5. Hallelu Medley
6. Jerusalem of Gold
7. Rachem Adonai (Have Mercy O Lord)
8. Ruach Adonai Alai (The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me)
9. Diminu Elohim chasdeicha (We Have Thought Upon God)
10. Mighty God (Who is Like unto Thee)
11. Kadosh (Holy)
12. Ram v'Nisa (High and Exalted)
13. Mameek HaChoshech (The Darkness Deepens)
14. Song of Blessing

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