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Jonah (Video) Teachings by Tom Bradford

Jonah (Video) Teachings by Tom Bradford

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Enjoy the in-depth video teachings on the Book of Jonah by Tom Bradford. These teachings will bring you the latest findings on Bible history and scholarship and take a multi-disciplinary approach to Bible Study that includes Bible exegesis, exploring the original languages, Bible history, Jewish history, an understanding of the influence of 2nd Temple Judaism upon New Testament development, modern life application, and more.

7 (MP4) video teachings plus a bonus file with all the illustrations and graphics for each lesson so you can follow along with the teaching.  

Additional Information

Within its mere 4 chapters Jonah presents one of the more complex, controversial, and difficult books among all the Prophets to interpret. This might seem counter-intuitive since the story is one of the first that Jewish and Christian children are taught, and the story of Jonah is portrayed as a simple if not fun sea adventure of a man falling overboard from a ship and getting swallowed by a whale, but miraculously surviving in the innards of that giant creature for 3 days and 3 nights. So, while the title of the Bible book we’re about to study is Jonah; and while on the surface the primary subject of this little but powerful book might seem to most naturally center on the question of what exactly happened to the Prophet Jonah and what was he really like (by means of seeing how he reacted to God’s command to go and preach to gentiles in Nineveh and all the misadventures that followed), the much more important and serious question that is actually being asked, and revealed to us, is: what is God really like? What makes God tick? Why does He do as He does? What, when we boil it all down, best epitomizes God in a way we can comprehend Him, characterize Him, and then explain Him to others? 

Jonah (MP4) Video Teachings by Tom Bradford

Use for independent study or group study.

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