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Jerusalem the Covenant City

Jerusalem the Covenant City

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Program is scripted from the open and unapologetic perspective of the producers that the land of Jerusalem and Israel is an irrevocable gift of God to the Jewish people.

Jerusalem is unique among all the cities in the world. There is no other city which has an eternal destiny, and there is no other city which has had its history written in advance. The ancient prophets of Israel predicted many significant events in Jerusalem’s history, hundreds and even thousands of years before they happened, and with stunning accuracy. These predictions include many events that are being fulfilled in our own generation, and there are still many more to be fulfilled in the future.

Part 1 of Jerusalem, the Covenant City traces past prophetic history of the Holy City.

Part 2 explores what the Bible has to say about Jerusalem’s present and future destiny. We discover that, as we move into the third millennium of the Christian Era, the destiny of the whole world hinges upon the destiny of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. This documentary will bring you a message of challenge and hope that you will not easily forget.

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DVD length: 115 minutes

Note:  DVD region must be set to 2 on the DVD player, please verify your DVD player has the ability to change regions. Most computer DVD players have this ability.

Imported from the Holy Land

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