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Jerusalem Kiddush Set - Nickel

Jerusalem Kiddush Set - Nickel

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This beautiful set features an attractive illustration of the Old City of Jerusalem around the unusually shaped silver plated Kiddush Cup and the accompanying saucer. It will be a welcomed addition to any Shabbat or holiday meal.

Additional Information

Silver Plated Jerusalem Kiddush Cup

Set Includes

•1 - Silver Plated Cup (approx Height: 6 1/4")

•1 - Silver Plated Saucer/Plate (approx diameter - 5 3/4")

Why do we need a Kiddush Cup? At the beginning of Shabbat and holidays meals, a blessing is said over wine. This blessing is called a Kiddush (meaning sanctification in Hebrew) and the special goblet used to hold the wine is called Kiddush Cup. What is the importance of the Kiddush Cup at Passover? Four cups of wine are poured and consumed throughout the Passover Seder. These cups of wine are an integral part of the Passover tradition as each cup represents one of the four expressions of redemption God made to the ancient Hebrews as explained in Exodus 6:6-7. The first cup, "I will take you out…"; the second cup "I will save you…"; the third cup, "I will redeem you…" and the fourth cup, "I will make you a nation…" A Kiddush Cup is filled for each of these redemptions and passed around the table for everyone to sip


Imported from Israel

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