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Jerusalem: City of the Great King from Carta

Jerusalem: City of the Great King from Carta

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This volume, the second of four in the Carta New Testament Atlas series, presents the latest advances in the history and archaeology of Jerusalem.

This is the second of four atlases in the Carta New Testament Atlas series.  It brings to life the Jerusalem that Jesus knew and presents the latest advances in history and archaeology to draw the reader into Jesus' Jerusalem. 

Profusely illustrated, Jerusalem: City of the Great King is one more valuable resource for students of the New Testament.


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Jerusalem: City of the Great King from Carta

Jerusalem in the first century A.D. was a far cry from its humble beginnings in the days of King David.  In Jerusalem:  City of the Great King the author traces the growth of the capital of Judea, following the Jewish return from Babylonian Exile, through the rule of the Hasmonean priest-kings and Herod the Great, and finally into its turbulent days under Roman administration.  Notley presents a detailed and easily readable account of the physical setting of the Holy City - the one that would have been known by Jesus on his pilgrimages from Galilee.  Different from other works on the archaeology of Jerusalem, the present book weaves in a compelling and accessible fashion the archaeological artifacts and visible vestiges of the city's past together with the eyewitness descriptions by those who knew it first-hand.


Anyone who has thought to write on the archaeology of Jerusalem knows well that it likewise is a sisyphean task.  Archaeology in Jerusalem is barely over a century old and continues to unfold before our eyes.  Particularly the last fifty years have seen significantly increased efforts to discover the city's past.  New finds every year render what is previously written almost out of date before the ink is dry.  With an acknowledgment of this reality, together with a recognition that much of the Old City of Jerusalem remains inaccessible to archaeological investigation, the present work lays its shoulder to the challenge.


  1. Pre-Herodian History
  2. Jerusalem in the Early Hellenistic Period
  3. Jerusalem and the Hasmoneans
  4. Herodian Jerusalem
  5. The Upper City
  6. The Setting for the Last Supper
  7. The Lower City
  8. Water Systems
  9. Herod's Temple
  10. Administration of the Temple:  Priest and Levites

About the authorR. Steven Notley is Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins on the New York City campus of Nyack College and director of its graduate programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins.  He is at the cutting edge of modern New Testament research, combining his philological training with an intimate firsthand knowledge of biblical geography.  He is the author of many books and articles.

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