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Is God Through With Israel? Certainly Not!

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Certainly Not! is a daily prayer guide with commentary that primarily follows Paul's teaching found in Romans 9-11.  Sometimes we consider a complete verse.  Other times, we take several days to focus on just one phrase.  Because of this importance to Paul's arguments, we sometimes examine other Scriptures he references.  For those who are interested in the original languages of Greek and Hebrew, I have included the more important theological terms Paul uses.  For more precise transliterations, I've found the "Blue Letter Bible" to be invaluable.  

Each day builds on the previous day, but can also be read individually.  Each daily segment consists of a shore commentary, a verse, and a prayer suggestion.  The prayer suggestions at the end of each day are just that - suggestions.  I believe that as you pray God's word, the Holy Spirit will guide your prayers (Romans 8:26)

Moreover, I believe that the Word of God is powerful and will accomplish its purpose (Hebrews 4:12; Isaiah 55:10-11).  These daily prayers are therefore brief; one minute CAN make a difference.

Combined with her love for the Word, her passion for Israel, and her devotion to God and her Savior, Joan Lipis guides you through this 90-day prayer guide and commentary on Romans 9-11.

Pray through Romans 9-11.

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Is God Through with Israel?  "Certainly Not!" by Joan Lipis


  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • Romans Chapter 9
  • Romans Chapter 10
  • Romans Chapter 11
  • Controversy of Zion
  • Endnotes


Joan Lipis was born into a secular Jewish home.  Her search to know God led her to faith in Jesus, who she calls "Yeshua".

110 pages