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Heroes of the Bible Card Game

Heroes of the Bible Card Game

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Get ready to explore the lives of some Bible heroes as you play your way through the game! This is a game of “Quartets”, similar to “Go Fish, Heroes of the Bible can provide your child with lots of fun at home or, as it is a compact game, take it with you when traveling.

Playing Heroes of the Bible gives you and your child the opportunity to learn more about the Bible. The game also helps kids to develop descriptive language, increase cognitive abilities by learning which cards match which, and strategy play while your child listens and learns how to strategically ask for which cards. Having fun and learning about the Bible at the same time, who could ask for more from a game?

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Heroes of the Bible Card Game

  • The game consists of 9 Quartets (sets of four cards) in which each set of cards is related to one important Old Testament Biblical figure such as Noah, Moses, or David -- The Heroes of the Bible.
  • On each card, you will find beautiful comic book-style illustrations of the Biblical Heroes. The cards have the names of the figure in addition to a fact about their Biblical story.
  • Players must collect all 4 cards in the quartet before they can claim to have “captured” that character. Gameplay is similar to the game “Go Fish”, but slightly more complex.
  • The cool style of the illustrations makes this game appealing to younger and older children, all of whom will have fun while they learn about the Heroes of the Bible.
  • The game consists of 36 cards measuring 3 x 4 ½ inches and comes in a brightly illustrated box 4 ¾ x 3 ¼ x 1 inch in size. For Ages 6 and up, 2 or more players.

Get ready to explore the lives of some Bible heroes as you play your way through the game! This is a game of “Quartets”, similar to “Go Fish in that each player holds 4 cards and one player asks another if they have a specific character. The asked player must respond truthfully and surrender any of the asked-for cards. If there are no cards to be had, the asking player draws a card from the pile. Play continues until all the cards are in their quartets. The winner is the player with the most quartets. There are other variations to the gameplay of Quartets, any are appropriate with the card set or invent your own!

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