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Havdalah Candle

Havdalah Candle

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The Havdalah candle is not a regular candle. It is made of two or more braided wicks to form a large flame. Usually, the youngest in the family holds the candle during the service. As all attention is focused on the candle a blessing is recited: "Blessed are you, O Lord our God, King of the universe who creates the lights of the fire."

11.5" tall.

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Blue & White

Height - 11 1/2"

Packaging may differ from what is shown

Just as the Shabbat is ushered in with grace and ceremony, so too, do we bid goodbye to the Shabbat in a short service called Havdalah (to separate or divide). This service separates the Shabbat from the rest of the ordinary weekdays.  After nightfall, traditionally when three stars can be seen in the sky, the service commences using a wine goblet, a braided candle and a spice box filled with fragrant spices.

Please note that candle is flat and brands may vary.


Imported from Israel

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