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Greek for the Rest of Us

Greek for the Rest of Us

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The Greek for the Rest of Us Pack: The Essential of Biblical Greek, created by the esteemed Greek teacher William D. Mounce, provides a comprehensive learning resource for mastering the essentials of biblical Greek. This groundbreaking crash-course, known as "Greek for the rest of us," aims to introduce learners to the foundational aspects of the language while deepening their comprehension of God's Word.

This pack includes all the necessary materials needed to embark on your journey in studying biblical Greek.   Carefully crafted to offer clear explanations, practical exercises, and illustrative examples, these resources facilitate a step-by-step approach to grasping Greek grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, with a specific emphasis on biblical texts.

Additional Information

This resource pack will teach you how to:

  • Read and pronounce Greek words
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Greek noun and verb system
  • Conduct effective Greek word studies
  • Learn the basics of Greek exegesis for biblical interpretation
  • Decipher why translations are different
  • Read better commentaries
  • Be comfortable using reverse and traditional interlinears
  • Understand the information displayed by bible software

Pack includes:

  • Greek for the Rest of Us :  textbook is divided into three major sections (Foundational Greek, Church Greek, and Functional Greek), each builds on the previous section and moves you to the next level in understanding the essentials of biblical Greek.
  • Greek for the Rest of Us Video Lectures: DVD features 33 chapter-by-chapter video lectures that go through the content of the textbook, which amounts to almost 10 hours of video teaching.
  • Greek for the Rest of Us Laminated Sheet:   A quick reference guide to the central concepts in the textbook.
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