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Grafted-In Necklace With Cross (Clear Crystal)

Grafted-In Necklace With Cross (Clear Crystal)

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SKU: JN103

This rhodium necklace displays the grafted-in symbol pendant with the eye of the fish and the corners of the Star of David embellished with clear crystals.

Costume Jewelry

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Grafted-In with Clear Crystals Necklace

One of the earliest known Christian symbols this combined Menorah, Star of David, and Fish represent the unity and common roots of Judaism and Christianity. It was first discovered in a small assembly room on Mount Zion; 3 rd Century A.D.

In Romans, Paul speaks about the natural olive tree of Israel, and the grafting in of gentile believers (the wild olive) into the olive tree. Many of the symbols associated with the Messianic movement incorporate traditional Jewish symbols and traditional Christian symbols. Messianic symbols include the Grafted-In which is composed of the Fish, Star of David and Menorah blended together in one. Another symbol is the Star of David with a cross in the middle – called the Messianic Star. The Messianic movement is a Biblically-based movement of people who believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel. Messianic Believers include the Biblical feasts such as Passover, Sukkot, and Shavuot in their values and celebrate them just as Yeshua did.

Made of Rhodium.

Height: 2 inches / 5.1 cm

Chain:  18"

Imported from Israel


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