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Grafted-In Clay Oil Lamp

Grafted-In Clay Oil Lamp

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Oil Lamp
Olive Oil

This grafted-in clay oil lamp is a piece of history infused with symbolism and craftsmanship. Handcrafted in Jerusalem, this clay oil lamp embodies the essence of antiquity, echoing the ancient traditions of the Holy Land. While this lamp faithfully replicates the beauty of its ancient counterpart, it is also fully functional, allowing you to brighten your surroundings with a warm, ambient glow.  Simply fill it with lamp oil, light the wick, and enjoy its warm glow, adding a touch of historical charm to any space.

Made in Israel

Additional Information

  • Clay Oil Lamp:  6 inches
  • Two lamp wicks
  • Sackcloth bag – ready to gift.
  • Made in Jerusalem
  • Oil for Lamp available:  50ml / 1.69 Fl. Oz.
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