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Gemsbok Embellished Shofar - Jerusalem

Gemsbok Embellished Shofar - Jerusalem

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This exquisite gemsbok oryx shofar will make an incredible gift for someone you love on any occasion!  

Made of the horn of a species of antelope from Africa, this marvelous shofar features a long and narrow frame, with multiple ridges around it, and is adorned with two silver sleeves. Splendidly unique, this remarkable shofar will become your instant favorite!

Size:  25.5" - 26.5"

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Additional Information

Gemsbok Oryx Embellished

  • 29" Length
  • Gemsbok Oryx
  • Imported from Israel

Incredible and unique, this shofar horn comes from the large African antelope named Oryx Gazella.  Its horns are naturally long, narrow, and straight with multiple ridges. Compared to the popular Kudu/Yemenite and the traditional ram's horn, Gemsbok is an exotic shofar.

Beautiful and majestic, this splendid Gemsbok Oryx horn will be perfect for your holiday celebrations.

Sure to make a wonderful gift for someone you love, this regal shofar horn is a treasure worth cherishing forever!

Please note:  Shofars are an organic product, so their exact coloring and length may be slightly different than pictured. 

Imported from Israel

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