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Full Page Magnifying Sheet

Full Page Magnifying Sheet

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SKU: MG080

Magnifying sheets are a handy tool for people with vision challenges to quickly read passages without having to search for their glasses.  The Full Page Magnifying Sheet allows you to look at a whole page in one glance.

This magnifying sheet is thin and flexible and can magnify up to 150%!  Simply hold the magnifying sheet about 4 inches above a page to magnify letters or images to a size you can easily read. No more eye-straining when you use the reading magnifier to read a small print Bible or cookbook!

Add a Full Page Magnifying Sheet to your gift bag whenever you give a book or Bible as a gift to someone who has vision challenges.

Additional Information

  • Magnify Letter-sized Page 
  • Magnifies Up to 150 %
  • Doubles as Bookmark
  • Packaged in Self-seal Bag
  • Size: 10.25" x 7.1" x 0.01" (260 x 180 x 2mm)
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