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ForJars - 24 Wide Mouth Canning Lids

ForJars - 24 Wide Mouth Canning Lids

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ForJars canning lids are loved by many. Not only are they rust-proof and BPA-free, but you can also use them in all 4 canning methods! Whether you choose to use a water bath, pressure, steam, or vacuum sealing, these lids’ airtight seal and quality will leave you with an amazing canning experience! Due to its dependability, affordability, and secure seals, you may just keep coming back for more. Enjoy these perfect canning lids and keep your goods safe and sealed.

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Additional Information

These canning lids are safe for boiling and pressure cooking. Can some Chili, Hot Sauce, Stew, or pickles and more! These lids are recommended by expert canners all over the USA.

  • Wide Mouth Lids are 3.25in/86mm
  • The metal thickness is 0.18 mm compared to conventional lids which have 0.10 -0.12 mm.
  • Fits wide mouth Ball jars
  • Keep a seal for up to 18 months or more
  • Ensures a tight seal for canning and storage purposes.
  • Soft, BPA-Free sealing material on the underside of lids
  • When canning, lid sealing material functionality is single-use only
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