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Forever Together Hearts (3 Sizes)

Forever Together Hearts (3 Sizes)

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These amazing hearts are made from one piece of  Olive Wood and because of this they have never been separated. The hearts are hand-crafted from ancient olive trees from Bethlehem. The hearts may vary in color depending on the age of the Olive Tree and the grain pattern. 

Wooden Hearts are a unique decoration for your home and can be nice gifts for loved ones.  It is a great present for anniversaries, weddings, or that special person.

Made in Israel

Additional Information

  • Solid Olive Wood
  • Small: Each heart measures approx. 1.75"
  • Medium:  Each Heart measures approx: 2.25"
  • Large: Each heart measures approx. 3"
  • Made in Israel

Important Note:  No two olive wood pieces are identical.  Due to the nature of natural woods, there are differences in wood color and grain.  Your hearts may look different than the picture due to the wide range of grain patterns and colors of olive wood. 

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