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Fish Keychain (Fidget)

Fish Keychain (Fidget)

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SKU: OW177

The Olive Wood Fish Fidget Keychain is a tactile gem designed to engage your senses and add a touch of nature to your everyday carry. Crafted from authentic olive wood, this keychain features a skillfully cut fish motif.  The organic contours of the olive wood pieces offer a calming and grounding effect, making it an ideal tool for stress relief and relaxation.

Clip it to your keys, bag, or belt loop, and carry a piece of Israel wherever you go. Embrace the olive wood design that makes this a stylish and sensory-rich experience while being a unique and functional keychain.

Additional Information

  • Olive Wood
  • Fish Length (approx): 4 inches
  • Keychain Length:  6.9 inches
  • Made in Israel
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